Lowongan SPV Restaurant-PT Pancious Tirta Jaya

    SPV Restaurant-PT Pancious Tirta Jaya

    Jakarta Raya | Ditayangkan: 12-November-2019 | Tutup pada 12-December-2019

    Pancake, comes in different names, tastes, toppings and variations. But this delicacy shares one thing in common: Loved and savored by everybody from every part of the world.

    Pancious is a casual dining restaurant who is dedicated to bring you the best and value-for-money pancake experience. Because whoever you are, whether you’re young or grown-up, a food adventurer or a settler for familiar taste, you must’ve had at least one pancake experience in your life. And our job is to capture that experience and offer it to you only in a better scale.

    As a pioneer in Jakarta’s pancake industry, Pancious single-handedly changed the society’s paradigm of pancake being a breakfast material. Nowadays, pancakes are enjoyed as the main course throughout the day, at anytime you please. And so far we have done a fantastic job.

    Of course taste alone won’t suffice in this industry. It needs to be supported with great services, which luckily for us, our front-men and women are 100% dedicated to serve you and to ensure that your pancake experience is close to perfection.

    • Kandidat harus memiliki setidaknya SMA, Diploma di bidang apapun.
    • Setidaknya memiliki 2 tahun pengalaman Sebagai Supervisor restaurant di casual dining.
    • Kemampuan yang harus dimiliki: service, koordinator, Microsoft Office
    • Lebih disukai Supervisor/Koordinator khusus dalam Makanan/Minuman/Pelayanan Restoran atau setara.
    • Memiliki kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik, aktif, riang, dan bersemangat
    • Memiliki ide dan kreatifitas tinggi untuk meningkatkan performa resto
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    Being the pioneer and simply being the best is not enough to set us apart from the rest. We are already halfway through achieving our biggest dream: To become the foremost western casual dining restaurant in Indonesia. And in order to fully reach it, each day means a new day to reinvent ourselves. Each day is a challenge to outdo our yester-selves. And each day is a chance to assess what we’ve accomplished this far and make it even better.

    ALAMAT : PT Pancious Tirta Jaya
    Jalan Ruko Toho, Kamal Muara, North Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia


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