Lowongan Operations Manager-Magalarva Indonesia

    Operations Manager-Magalarva Indonesia

    Tangerang (Banten) - Tangerang Selatan | Ditayangkan: 23-July-2020 | Tutup pada 22-August-2020

    Magalarva is a sustainable protein producer start-up based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established since 2017, Magalarva bio-converts organic waste collected from their partners (such as supermarkets, food and beverage factories, plantations, etc) using Black Soldier Fly larvae into insect protein and organic fertilizer.

    Magalarva is an Indonesian start-up that produces insect protein by bio-converting organic sidestream into high quality products using Black Soldier Fly larvae. We are aiming to expand the reach of our insect protein into the feed system and become an alternative to unsustainable protein sources. Therefore we are looking to expand our team with exciting passionate talents. 

    Overview: We are looking for a highly organised and experienced manager to be in charge of our insect-based feed production facility, responsible for maintaining and increasing the efficiency of our operations.
    Job Description:
    1. Managing operators for daily production, and ensuring they comply to the SOP
    2. Ensuring operators to do research-purpose work according to instructions from experimentation plan and design made by the researcher team
    3. Responsible for the validity of data collection in production and experimentation process, and reporting the result 
    4. Develop, implement and review operational policies and procedures 
    5. work together with the research team to continuously improving the best practices in production
    6. Management of supply chain procedures and inventory tracking
    7. Arranging supplies for production and shipment of product
    8. Define company policies and implement training
    9. Monitor internal HR systems and ensure compliance
    10. Ensuring that health and safety regulations are followed
    11. Ensuring staff working on processes are happy and operating efficiently, inspiring and motivating employees to perform at their best through positive encouragement and incentive initiatives
    12. Reviewing workloads and manpower to ensure targets are met
    13. Supporting the CEO or executive team’s vision and process ideals
    1. Minimum 2 years of working experience as manager or associate/assistant manager in a factory
    2. Have knowledge in machinery/factory equipment
    3. Have experience in and know how to reach a tidy/well-organized factory operation
    4. Minimum D3/S1 education

    We are a purpose-driven start-up company aiming to provide an alternative and sustainable protein source. We are looking for people to join our passionate team in revolutionizing the feed and food industry through insect protein. 

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