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    Online promotion & operation-PT Recome Teknologi Indonesia

    Jakarta Raya | Ditayangkan: 18-November-2019 | Tutup pada 18-December-2019

    RecoMe PTE.LTD is a internet company based in Singapore that focused on lifestyle discovery mobile app platform. Along with the advancement of internet and digital world, the portal access towards all kinds of information has been unlocked, and people can access information faster, easier and in more convenient way.
    These days, there is need of a technology that could help people to decide where they will visit each time they leave their home. RecoMe comes with the solution by developing our user friendly lifestyle discovery mobile app platform. Using RecoMe, user will be able to discover interesting places like restaurants, salons, cinemas and more based on nearby location or their desired location.
    Supported by a cutting-edge technology, we believe RecoMe will be able to facilitate Users to access all of information provided. Currently, we are eager to enter Indonesia's market and some Southeast Asia countries.
    Our App
    To become one of the leading lifestyle discovery platform, RecoMe comes with features that help users to discover any places and information they desire easily. RecoMe is designed with user friendly interface and responsive user experience interaction.
    Currently, RecoMe has 4 (four) top categories that covers and provides. information for every place the user needs in their daily life. In the near future, we will develop more categories and integrate everything within the app, such as payment, discount voucher, delivery service, etc.

    Job Description:
    1. Responsible for the relationship development and maintenance of APP promotion channels, including but not limited to the cooperation with Google Play, YouTube, Facebook and other information flow and SEM advertising platforms and other APP promotion channels, so as to achieve the target of download, registration and activity;
    2. Responsible for the implementation of APP information flow and SEM launch promotion strategy, the connection and coordination of internal resources, and assisting cooperation channels in operation and promotion, content update, planning of various activities and follow-up of online release;
    3. Responsible for monitoring the dynamics of competitive products and industry conditions, sensitive to channel release data, regularly output data reports and analysis reports, adjust promotion strategies and optimize ROI according to the results, and improve the release effect;
    4. Accept other tasks assigned by superiors
    Job Requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above;
    2. More than two years of relevant experience in online operation and promotion;
    3. Familiar with the launch rules and operation optimization methods of Google Play, YouTube and Instagram is preferred;
    4. Excellent team cooperation ability, sense of responsibility, execution ability, meticulous and earnest, quick learning ability, strong ability to work under pressure

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