Lowongan Web Developer Programmer (Frontend Specialist)-Redaco System Factory

    Web Developer Programmer (Frontend Specialist)-Redaco System Factory

    Surabaya (Jawa Timur) - Jl. Aries No. 9 | Ditayangkan: 10-February-2020 | Tutup pada 11-March-2020

    Redaco System Factory is an IT startup company established in Surabaya, Redaco focuses on producing the best Information System technology software to be used by local and international, Our system is developed in house with SaaS (Software as service) as licensing and delivery model. Aside from that, we also provide various software development services and consulting according to the client's needs. We are a small company, but an ambitious one, our production standard matches with the big companies because our work ethics is highly standardized.
    Create brilliant IT information systems that are beneficial to all parties.
    In Redaco we uphold to LOGICS as the guidance of the way we do things
    • Latest
      Always employs the latest, state-of-the-art methodology in every activity
    • Optimized
      Constantly optimizing for every outcome to produce the best result
    • Genuine
      Oppose plagiarism, all creations must 100% made by Redaco
    • Iconic
      Every work must serve as an icon to all stakeholders
    • Consistent
      Upholds of the highest quality for every product
    • Standardized
      We abide by the internationally standardized procedures in every work process

    Technical keywords: HTML & Laravel Blade, CSS, Javascript, VUE, Test-Driven Development (TDD), GIT Workflow
    Capable of working in a full-fledged development team (Project Manager, Frontend, Backend, Server, UI/UX) with:
    1. Strict workflows
    2. Highly standardized quality delivery
    3. Flexible (reasonable) deadlines
    Willing to perform and do different work territory (compared to primary responsibilities):
    • Learning to improve self-capability
    • Researching about everything related to the company’s needs
    • Cross-training and knowledge sharing with peers from different positions
    Capability to use GIT:
    • Understanding of Gitflow Workflow https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/comparing-workflows/gitflow-workflow
    • Knowledge of GIT branch integration for development purposes.
    • Clear and proper commit message/history, to make it easier to read and review.
    Below is the list of the expected capabilities of each frontend candidates:
    1. HTML & Blade
      • Proper use of HTML tags (e.g. <div> vs <section>)
      • Maximum utilization of Laravel's Blade templating engine
    2. CSS (SCSS)
      • Use of SCSS instead of traditional CSS
      • Centralized style definitions for easy project scaling
    3. Javascript (Vanilla)
      • Not JQuery
      • Follow SOLID code design principle
    4. VUE
      • Usage of VUE with the integration to Laravel framework
      • Component definitions must be reusable
    5. Frontend TDD
      • Browser automation using built-in Laravel Dusk
      • Frontend feature goal definitions
      • Securing frontend working functionalities 

    In Redaco we don’t compare one person to another, but we look for one’s personal improvement over time, we acknowledge that over-pressure and over-working will make one unable to produce the best quality result, Redaco also have an exclusive agenda for to promote all of its employee's health and welfare
    Redaco provides a proper, safe, and stress-free workspace and environment. No politics, and no drama office to maintain chemistry. Guaranteed refreshment like beverages, with an occasional bonus of healthy snacks and fruits. Work equipment will be provided, but one can still take its own work equipment if necessary.
    Our company offers the opportunity for an employee to grow their professional image and will provide a clear path going forward for its employees to advance. We believe that treating our company members well will result in maximum productivity and in turn, we can make the best quality products.

    ALAMAT : Redaco System Factory
    Jl. Aries No.9, Ploso, Kec. Tambaksari, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60133


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